SWC Annual Report-2019


Solid Waste Committee meets on the third Monday of each month. The committee is comprised of five members; Tara Albert, Jeff Burns, Jennifer Holt, Dave Swanay & Bob White.Andy Sanborn serves as an alternate.

SWC  Completed Tasks of 2019;

-Dave Swanay monitored the T.S. Fiscal status throughout the year and provided T.S.D.H. Douglass, assistance in preparation and presentation of the 2021Transfer Station Budget.

-Tara Albert hosted the Annual Old Home Day, SWC informational table. Tara answered questions and provided residents with printed educational materials regarding recycling and Hazardous waste.

-Jeff Burns revised the C&D fee scale to; reflect current Town costs of disposal, continuity,accuracy & transparency of fees charged. And attended “ Rethinking Recycling and the Annual NRRA Conference” in May 2019.

-Andy Sanborn researched and designed a low cost C&D scale for the T.S. -BOS requested SWC to investigate the notification letter stating that Casella will not be renewing its contract with the Town,expiring on June 30, 2020.

-In December 2019, members of SWC,T.S.D.H.-Nate Douglass,and a Casella representative met to discuss the expiring contracts for Sanbornton’s MSW,C&D and Single Stream recycling services. This meeting provided information regarding contract negotiations for a very different Solid Waste Market than was seen during the Town’s prior contract renewal three years ago.

SWC  Recommendations to the Board of Selectmen;

1.)March 27,2019 SWC presentation to the BOS;

 a.)SWC members would be attending 2 Educational opportunities in May. The conferences were “Rethinking Recycling” held May 2,2019. And the “Annual NRRA Conference for Municipal Transfer Station Operators” held on May 20 & 21,2019.

“SWC strongly encouraged a BOS representative and the Transfer Station manager to attend both offerings due to the wealth of information provided regarding the changing Solid Waste Market,the financial impact to municipalities and practical applications to apply.” Selectman Olmstead volunteered to attend the May 2,2019 “ Rethinking Recycling Conference ”.

 Selectman Salatiello volunteered to attend the “Annual NRRA Conference” pending his work schedule. T.S. Department head Razhina intends to attend all 3 conferences.

Results- SWC members attended both Conferences.

             The BOS attended 0 conferences.

            T.S.D.H. Razhina Attended 1 conference.


b.)Invite NRRA Executive Director, Mike Durfor, to a BOS Meeting with T.S.D.H Razhina in attendance.Mike could provide the board concise information regarding the Solid Waste Markets,Source Separation(Baling),Best practices and Grants available to municipalities.

Results- An invitation was not extended to Mike Durfor to meet with the BOS

c.) Hold a joint meeting between the BOS, SWC and the T.S. Department head after all parties attend the above named educational conferences and“ are all on the same informed page.”

Results- A meeting did not take place due to 2 out of 3 parties not attending the educational conferences as agreed.

2.)In the Spring SWC presented 3 Recommendations to the BOS;

a.) A revised,fair and transparent C&D fee scale.

b.)A recommended plan for a low cost,durable C&D scale to provide accurate fee charges.

c.)SWC presented & provided BOS with financial data to highlight the rising cost burden of Single Stream to taxpayers. SWC encouraged the BOS to consider pursuing transitioning to baling to save taxpayers significant money long term.

Results-The BOS approved the new C&D fee scale and took the other 2 recommendations under advisement. Ultimately  the board reversed their approval of the new C&D fee scale at the request of T.S.D.H.Razhina. No action was taken regarding SWC 2 other recommendations.

d.)The board was notified of SWC concerns regarding the apparent lack of transparency and oversight in regards to the C&D fee scale and overall  T.S. Budget. SWC learned that T.S.D.H Razhina was utilizing a “red notebook” for Department accounting record keeping. Additionally the T.S. was significantly over budget on multiple line items. SWC was refused the opportunity to assist in preparation or to view the T.S. budget prior to publication for Fiscal year 2020. Furthermore SWC has documentation that supports disposal containers are being hauled away well below their capacity. This was brought to the attention of T.S.D.H Razhina and his rationale for his actions were personal convenience at taxpayer cost.

Result- No action taken.


SWC  Ongoing Tasks for 2020;

-Monitor the cost and revenue status of the Transfer Station. Assist in formulating the T.S. Annual budget.

-Present the BOS Recommendations or concerns.

-Monitor,Revise and Present any necessary fee scale changes to the BOS

-Collaborate with and assist the Transfer Station Department Head as needed.

-Research and create long term recommendations to decrease taxpayer cost and increase the Transfer Station’s efficiency.

-Research and Recommend equipment purchases,contract agreements,grants,additional staffing, and building space changes.

-Educate & notify Residents of T.S. Recycling Procedural changes via the Sanbornton Town Website, SWDC page. Post Informational and Educational videos on “We Love Sanbornton”  and “Sanbornton talks trash” Facebook pages.


Respectfully Submitted,

Jennifer Holt-SWC Chair & Recorder