Solid Waste Committee Task Policy

SWC Task Protocol Policy; Originally incepted 7/17

Task are discussed and volunteered for during SWC Meetings.These may require collaboration between the Transfer Station manager and an SWC member to complete a project. In an effort to respect Town Policy and not be obtrusive to the daily operations of the Transfer station. SWC has implemented a task protocol.

1) A task is identified and 1-2 members volunteer.

2) A time table and how to approach the task is discussed with the Committee.

3)The member(s) report back the  progress they have made on the task each meeting until completion. 

4) In the event it is determined during a meeting that a member requires input from the Transfer Station manager in order to complete their task. The Chair will contact the Transfer Station manager to notify him/her of the task and which member(s) will be contacting them for an appointment. The assigned member is to email the Transfer Station manager and request an appointment. In the event a problem arises the SWC member is to contact the Chair and not repeatedly attempt to contact the T.S. Manager. * Members are to only meet with the T.S. manager for committee directed tasks with approval from the Chair.Members are to keep the meetings brief and are only allowed to discuss tasks with the Transfer Station manager during a pre-arranged appointment.-per BOS policy.*

5) It maybe necessary to present your completed task to the BOS. The Chair will assist in preparation for the presentation and attend the BOS meeting with the member(s).