Meeting date: 
Monday, November 18, 2019

 SWC Meeting Minutes-11/18/19
1. Meeting called to order at 5:30pm
2. Attendance: Tara Mae Albert (Alt. Chair), Dave Swanay, Andy Sanborn (alternate), Jeff Burns
Absent: Jen Holt, Chair
Members of the Public: Nate Douglass
3. Vote to allow Alternate as need to fulfill quorum; Motion made by Tara; Seconded by Jeff
Vote: Yes 3 No 0 Abstain 0 Results: Alternate Andy Sanborn can vote
4. Note from Jen – Thank you Tara for running the meeting and recording the minutes, I really
appreciate you stepping up!
Dave, I forwarded you an email from Jim Dick regarding the Transfer Station budget. Please follow up with Nate regarding this issue.
This evening SWC members and Nate (welcome Nate!) will create a list of topics that will be researched for conversion of S.S. to Bailing. The topics may include physical space changes, additional employees, storage containers/needs, equipment needs, etc. Each member will pick the task topic they are willing to work on. Please use whatever means you deem necessary to gather the information on your topic. The goal is to be able to present to the board a presentation for partial and complete conversion from S.S. to bailing hopefully sometime after our January meeting. If everyone could please work on their topics during our December break and be ready to present your findings at our January 20, 2020 meeting that would be greatly appreciated. And finally Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!
5. SWC/BOS Meeting report of 10/30/19 – Tara
For in depth information, please listen to Audio from October 30, 2019 BOS Meeting Minutes. Start at 3:00 min mark. https://www.sanborntonnh.org/board-selectmen/minutes/bos-audio-recording- 10302019-1.
Approved BOS Minutes : https://www.sanborntonnh.org/sites/sanborntonnh/files/minutes/10.30.2019....
Jim Dick suggested that the SWC along with the TS Manager do the research to determine what it would take to go back to source separation, include budget changes to this year’s budget.
In addition, SWC or SW Facility Manager is to contact Casella for more information regarding their letter on Sanbornton’s solid waste contracts (i.e. MSW, SS, C&D, etc.) What are the options and where we should be going?

 UPDATE: Nate Douglas has been given a name of the contact from Casella for our region regarding our contract. That person is Rick Moriarty.
In learning this UPDATE Tara made a suggestion for a motion that Nate contact Rick Moriarty to come in for a meeting to discuss with him the options for a new contract. Discussions to include whether they will be contracting with the town at all or not? In addition, SWC volunteers to assist with this meeting, take notes and come prepared with all historical information on town policies.
Motion made by Tara; Seconded by Dave
Vote: Yes 4 No 0 Abstain 0 Results: Nate will attempt to set up a meeting with R. Moriarty of Casella for December 9th or 12th.
6. Create list of topics to be researched for potential conversion (partial and complete) from S.S. to Baling – SWC Members & Nate
• Equipment/Machines – All machines will be serviced by December 18th
• Banding Materials –
• Floor Scales – NRRA (Grants through NHtB) - Nate
• Containers – NRRA (Grants through NHtB) - Nate
• Staffing – Nate has a plan of attack for moving forward with source separation
• Pallets
• Plan of action on how to move forward. *** We would like to meet with Rick Moriarty first
before we do anything to determine if we can do this piecemeal without breaking our
• Reorganizing the facility – spacing – This is going to determine the outcome of the
Recreation Program – Andy will contact the rec dept to see how this is moving
• E-Waste storage through URT – Nate
• Education & Outreach – Letting the residents know the what? & why?
7. SWC Members volunteer for research topics – Tara
• See list above for some items
• Education & Outreach to public on changes – Tara
• Systematic change – This is going to come with next steps.
• Full Cost Accounting Budget to the BOS – Nate, Dave to discuss the budget and the
narrative. Nate has asked for help from the SWC on preparing the narrative. He understands the numbers but needs some back up on the language.
8. TS Fiscal Updates - Dave
• Single Stream numbers are increasing drastically
• Sanbornton tonnage has decreased by almost 60 tons

 • Nate has a proposed budget that he would like to meet with Dave to discuss. This includes an increase to contracting services which is the line item that contains single stream costs.
9. Vote to Accept/Amend the 10/21/19 Meeting Minutes –
Motion made by Andy; Seconded by Tara
Vote: Yes 4 No 0 Abstain 0 Results: Minutes are accepted.
10. OtherBusiness–None
11. Public Comment – Comments made by Nate Douglass (TS Manager) are intermixed into the agenda.
12. Next Regular Meeting – January 20, 2020 at 5:30pm. HOWEVER, there may be a meeting scheduled for December with Casella where the SWC has been asked to attend.
13. Meeting Adjourned at 7:00pm.