*DRAFT* JOINT MEETING Between SWC,T.S. Department Head and Casella Waste Management

Meeting date: 
Monday, December 9, 2019


SWC Special Meeting Minutes ​12/9/19

Scope & Purpose of Special Meeting

The BOS requested that Nate Douglass (TS Manager) and members of the Solid Waste Committee (SWC) meet with representatives from Casella as a response to the letter dated October 2019 to the Town of Sanbornton in regards to the expiring solid waste contract.  The town representatives were to obtain information from Casella on the options for waste management going forward.  No decisions were to be made and no votes were to be had at this specific meeting.  

The TS Manager and SWC members who have assisted with the budget in the past are to use the information gained to review the proposed budget for this next year and make changes as appropriate in the Contract Services line item.

While this meeting was an open door meeting, some of the information provided by Casella is proprietary and specifics on contract prices will not be included in these minutes.

1. Meeting called to order at 5:30pm

2. Attendance:  Tara Mae Albert (Alt. Chair), Andy Sanborn (alternate), Jeff Burns

Absent:  Jen Holt (Chair), Dave Swanay, Bob White

Members of the Public:  Nate Douglass

Invited Guests:  Dave Allen and Pete Burnam of Casella

Dave Allen provided background on what is the current state of the market for all waste streams.  He provided a realistic view of what is going on with solid waste and was clear in what the next steps would be for proposing a contract with the town.  


Due to the market changes in China, the recycling markets have shifted from a quantity view to a quality view.  There are markets available for recyclables; however, the percentage of acceptable contamination rates has changed.  The current rate for single stream recycling is reaching record numbers.  

Casella does not offer source separation as an option.  If Sanbornton chooses to go this route, we will need to contract with another vendor.

***NOTE on Single Stream.  This should be for food and beverage containers only going in to the single stream containers.

Some good news:

• There are some paper mills that will be opening up in New England

• Pulling the glass out of S.S. is saving the town and we should continue to do so

• At this time, pulling cardboard may not affect our pricing however down the road it could.



Capacity for landfilling and waste-to-energy is decreasing rapidly.   Disposal rates will be going up.    


All haul rates will be going up.  

Next Steps

• Casella will send Nate a proposed contract for either 2 or 3 years picking up where the current one expires.  ***Either June 30, 2020 or October 1, 2020 – there is a discrepancy.

o The contract will lock in haul rates for all commodities; lock in a C&D/MSW rate; and provide a rate with proprietary formula for single stream.

o The contract will also provide a place for the town to receive monthly or quarterly reports.

• SWC to provide Casella with a mock-up of what we would like to be included in the reports

• Nate to look into renting another container for overflow to possibly decrease the number of hauls for SS/MSW

• Casella will speak to the compactor repair company for information on the gauge for the single stream container.  TS Manager & Staff and SWC need a little education on how that specific gauge works.

• Long term – Education to the towns people on how to move forward in the most economic and sustainable way in regards to managing solid waste.


3. Meeting Adjourned at 6:40pm.