Solid Waste Disposal Committee News & Announcements

SWC Annual Report-2019 posted

     SOLID WASTE and Disposal COMMITTEE ANNUAL REPORT, 2019Solid Waste Committee meets on the third Monday of each month. The committee is... more ››

Single Stream Recycling

There are items that should Never be put in Single Stream Recycling such as;1)Plastic bags2) "Tanglers”-yard hoses,rope,chains,string,long... more ››

Glass Source Seperation- What you need to know.

Hello Sanbornton residents,As you may have noticed our Transfer Station is Source Seperating glass from Single Stream recycling. Pulling... more ››

SWC Educational Videoses

Hello Sanbornton residents!Sanbornton Transfer Station has begun to Source Seperate glass from Single Stream in an effort to decrease... more ››