Sanbornton Spotlight: 2017 Town Report Dedication

Tom Salatiello
Tom Salatiello

This year we are proud to dedicate our town report to Tom Salatiello, a longtime resident, civic leader and dedicated town volunteer.

Tom was born December 6, 1945 in Worcester Massachusetts, where he grew up and graduated from North High School in Worcester, Mass and went on to receive a B.A. from St. Francis College in Biddeford ME.

Tom worked as a live in counselor from 1970-1971, at the Stetson Home for boys in Barre, Massachusetts.

In August of 1971, Tom was hired by the State of New Hampshire, Department of Health and Human Services as a social worker.

Tom married Linda L. Carlson in November of 1971 and they lived in Laconia, New Hampshire.

Shortly after, Tom took a leave of absence from the State of NH to attend graduate school at WVU and relocated to Morgantown, West Virginia until his grad school completion in 1975 when he received is MSW (Masters in Social Work.)

Tom returned to New Hampshire and lived in Gilmanton corners and Center Harbor before moving his family to Sanbornton in January of 1978, on Hermit Woods road, where he and his wife Linda still live today.

Tom and Linda were blessed with two children, his daughter Erika born in 1976 and son Christopher bon in 1979.  Both children graduated from Winnisquam Regional High school. When asked to share a memory about their dad, Ericka replied “The memory I always share with people when describing my dad and his involvement with helping people was the time he sued the cable company for trying to scramble the channels to force residents to have to pay for cable boxes and how he took them to court over it and won.”  

Tom was truly a dedicated individual who always had others interests at heart. Tom’s son Christopher equally shares his fond and precious memory and shared, “I remember the time when I was in elementary school, dad let me sit in his lap and steer his Volkswagen beetle up Hermit Woods Rd for a little bit. Ironically at that time the Sanbornton police came the other way and pulled "me" over, (mistakenly seeing only a little kid was driving the car). But then Dad and the police officer spent almost an hour on the side of the road talking town politics. “  

It wasn’t too shortly after moving to Sanbornton in January 1978, Tom began a career of public service.  For almost 40 years, Tom has held a long list of positions in Sanbornton as a member of the Board of Selectmen for 4 terms, (non-consecutive). Tom served 5 terms as a New Hampshire State Representative, he was an elected member of the Winnisquam Regional School District School Board, a Sanbornton Library Trustee, he was involved with the Recreation Commission, Sewer Commission, Historic District Commission, Solid waste disposal Committee, Budget Committee, Building needs and Town Park Committee, to name a few.  

Tom and his Wife Linda still presently stay involved in the Town and sponsor programs and organizations. Tom has always been a dedicated, hard working and an admired member of the Sanbornton community and still works full time for the State of NH.

Tom, thank you for you all your years of hard work, advising, mentoring and inspiring others and for all the many contributions you gave selflessly to the Town of Sanbornton!