Sanbornton COVID-19 Press Release

The Sanbornton Board of Selectmen and the Town Clerk/Tax Collector announced the following changes are being implemented immediately at the Sanbornton Town Office in order to reduce the risk associated with COVID-19:

  • All tax payments, registration renewals, and dog licenses will be done by mail. Registration renewals for March and April, as well as dog licenses, are being mailed out now. Payments can either be mailed back, or dropped in the mail slot in the Town Clerk's Office (left side of the building as you face the front door). Call the Town Clerk/Tax Collector is you need a tax payoff amount.
  • Any other correspondence that needs to go to any Town employee can be dropped in the same mail slot for delivery.
  • Residents should call for any service requiring face-to-face interaction (new vehicle registrations, vital records, marriage licenses, planning or assessing issues). They will be by appointment only. This is to limit the number of residents in the lobby area at one time. Depending on the issue, the Town employee may choose to do a phone transaction rather than face-to-face if it is feasible. Please call to schedule an appointment.
    • Town Clerk/Tax Collector:286-4034
    • Planning Assistant:729-8003
    • Assessing Assistant:729-8005
    • Welfare Officer:393-8450
    • Town Administrator: 729-8090
  • The door to the Town Office will be locked. Please ring the bell when you arrive for your scheduled appointment. Residents without a scheduled appointment will NOT be allowed into the building.
  • All public meetings (Boards and Committees) will be held as a teleconference, following the guidance issued by Governor Sununu on RSA 91-A. While we cannot legally stop residents from attending, we strongly encourage people to use the phone option. There will only be one Board or Committee member at the designated location - all the others will participate by phone. The Governor's limit of 10 people in a gathering will be applied to public meetings.


If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, please do not go into any Town facility! Call the appropriate Town employee and they will find a way to help you with your issue without putting anyone at risk.


The Town also announced changes to the procedures at the Town’s Transfer Station. Only household trash and recycling will be accepted for the duration of the state of emergency, and separation of recycling is temporarily suspended. Summer hours (Thu, Fri, and Sat, 7 AM - 5 PM) will begin on March 26. For a full list of changes and restrictions, visit the Town website at