Declarations of Candidacy Filing

Filing Period: January 25th-February 3rd, 2023

The following positions are available for Filing Declarations of Candidacy.

In order for the name of the candidate to appear on the ballot, written declaration of candidacy must be filed with the Town Clerk, Juliana Lonergan.


Filing Period: January 25th, 2023 thru February 3rd, 2023

at the Town Office 17 Meeting Hill House Rd.


The Town Clerk office hours are as follows:

Mondays-closed; Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays 8am-4pm

Wednesdays 8am-6:30pm.


As per RSA 652:20, the office will remain open until 5pm for

Declarations of Candidacy on Friday, February 3rd, 2023


The Town of Sanbornton elected positions are as follows:

Budget Committee (Two) 3-year terms

Budget Committee (One) 2-year term (Remainder of a 3 yr. term)

Cemetery (One) 3-year term

Library (Two) 3- year terms

Selectman (One) 3-year term

Town Clerk-Tax Collector (One) 3-year term

Treasurer (One) 2-year term (Remainder of a 3 yr. term)

Trustee of Trust Funds (One) 3-year term


All candidates shall be elected at-large, and must

be a Registered Voter in the Town of Sanbornton.