Policies & Procedures


This handout is provided by the Department of Public Work’s policies and procedures, to help the Town’s residents better understand their roll and the department’s roll, in maintaining the Town’s roads/highways.


It is the responsibility of the property owner to file for a driveway permit with the Town. Once the driveway permit has been reviewed and approved by the Director of the Department of Public Works, the property owner may then install a driveway. Once installed, it is the property owner’s continuing responsibility to maintain the driveway access area, i.e. culverts, vegetation, grade, etc. If the property owner fails to maintain their driveway, the Town may order the property owner to repair/remove the hazardous condition and obtain all of the permits required, pursuant to RSA 236:13.

Notice of Intent to Cut/Timber Harvesting/Temporary Driveways

In accordance with the provisions of RSA 79:10, property owners must file an “Intent to Cut” form with the municipality for approval by the governing body, which is then sent to the NH Department of Revenue Administration. A road bond may be required; currently the DPW Director reviews intents on a case by case basis. If a temporary road/driveway is needed for the timber operation, the property owner/logger will need to go through the regular procedure for applying for a driveway permit. The Director of the Public Works Department is responsible for permitting said operation(s) and determining whether or not the road meets the Town’s Road Specifications.

Road Maintenance, Snow Removal, & Mailboxes

Responsibility of the Town

The Town of Sanbornton is not responsible for damages to, mailboxes, fences, stonewalls, lawns, driveways or any other object placed within the public right-of-way of any Town road or street. During a snow event, it is the responsibility of the Department of Public Works to clear all of the “main” roads of snow first before moving onto other sections of the Town. Please note that there is no guarantee on how long it will take or how many trips will be needed to clear the roads of snow. There are currently 89.1 miles of Town Roads or State Highways in Sanbornton that are maintained by the Town, so please be patient!

Responsibility of the Property Owner

It is the responsibility of the owner of such property to replace or repair anything within a Town Right-Of –Way that has been damaged as a result of road maintenance or snow removal. It is also the responsibility of the property owner to adhere to the Federal Government guide referring to the erecting of mailboxes published by the US Postal Service.

The Department of Public Works (DPW) will work with property owners to locate mailboxes, fences, stonewalls, lawns, driveways or any other objects placed within the right-of-way to the safest location and offer advice to minimize potential damage. It is recommended that mailboxes be installed at a height of 44 inches and that the mailbox is no closer than 3 feet from the edge of the roadway, depending upon natural features and manmade constraints (curbing).

In the event that a Town vehicle knowingly damages any of the items above the driver shall notify the DPW Director and he will in turn report the damage(s) to the Police Department.

Plowing snow into or across any Town roads from driveways is not permitted. This is to promote the safe and orderly passage of the motoring public on Town Roads so they remain free of obstruction and obstacles created by snow removal or the depositing of snow. In accordance with RSA 236:20, RSA 47:17 VII and RSA 41:11.