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Motor Vehicle Registration Policy and Procedure


The issuance of motor vehicle permits and titles are done at this office. Residents must come into this office to register their vehicles for the first time. If they are moving to New Hampshire from another state they must have the title to their vehicle if it is a 2000 or newer vehicle. If you do not have the title, call the Clerk for instructions.

The Town permit fee is set by New Hampshire State RSA’s and is based on the year, number of months and the price of the vehicle. All towns and cities use the same fee structure. The State license plate fee is based on the weight and number of months. Vehicles are registered to the owner’s month of birth or lease company’s name. Registering for the first time will be between 5 and 16 months prorated.

Town permit fee is figured by model year: Present year model 2016 = 18 mills; 2015 = 15 mills; 2014 = 12 mills; 2013 = 09 mills; 2012=06; 2011 = 03 mills. A mill equals 1/1000 of a dollar and is charged on each dollar of the manufacturer’s list price.

Passenger vehicles, which include cars, passenger trucks and passenger vans, are registered by weight and the categories are as follows: 0 to 3000 lbs. $ 2.60 per month, 3001 to 5000 lbs. $3.60 per month, and 5001 to 8000 lbs. $4.60 per month. There is a $25.00 title fee plus $8.00 plate charge in addition to the plate fee.

Before coming to the clerk’s office be sure you have proof of your residence. Rent or lease receipt, utility bill in your name, etc.

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