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HDC Procedures

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A. When application is Required:  Application for Certificate of Approval must be secured for all additions and exterior changes to presently existing buildings, and for the exterior portions of any new structure which is proposed to be built within the historic district of Sanbornton, including, but not limited to: change of color, change of roof materials, siding, chimneys, porches, fences, foundations, signs, windows, doors, steps, walks, patios, outdoor lighting, garages, out-buildings, barns and landscaping. 


B.  Form of Application: Applications for Certificate of Approval shall be made available from the Town Administrator.  Copies of the plans, sketches or drawings and other material, shall be defined in the application and accompany applications and fees.


C. Sketches and drawings: An architectural drawing shall accompany all requests for Certificate of Approval. It shall show scale, existing and proposed elevations, and all sides of any new structures. Drawings should show dimensions of all exteriors and a list of all materials to be used. All other requirements regarding process and documentation is outlined in the Application form. Two copies of all material shall be submitted to the Historic District Commission Secretary at least ten days in advance of the next regular meeting or ten days in advance of any special meeting convened. One copy is to be retained by the Sanbornton Historic District Commission for its permanent records which will be on file in the Sanbornton Town Office.


D. Notice of Application Hearings:  The Commission shall post the notice of Application hearings at least seven days in advance of regularly scheduled meetings at one local newspaper and at least two public places.


E.  Commission Findings:  The Commission shall notify the applicant, Planning Board and Town Administrator of its decision and shall furnish the applicant and Selectmen a copy of its decision with reasons and recommendations within a period of time not to exceed 45 days.  


F.  Certificate of Approval:  Certificates of Approval will have a two year time limit to complete the requested actions unless otherwise requested by the applicant or at the Commission’s discretion.


G.  Appeals:  Appeals may be taken to the Sanbornton Planning Board and must be files within thirty days of receipt of a written decision from the Commission.


H.  Enforcement:  Enforcement shall be through the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Sanbornton.


I.  Meetings:  the Commission will meet on a regular basis and the schedule will be posted in three public locations in the Town at least one week in advance of the regular meeting.

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